The Sun rises … Eos

DSCN2124Eos holds a place of distinction for the mortals of the earth because Dawn is the only time of the day which has a special goddess and Eos is celebrated in almost every poem of the ancient Greeks … noon and sunset do not seem to have the importance which Eos possesses. She resides in the east near the home of her brother Helios (the Sun) and the Dread-Goddess Circe. Eos mounts her chariot each morning and guides her horses Lampos  and Phaethon into the sky to signal the approach of Helios. East derives from Eos

(Imbolc print of the time before the rising of the sun …Dawn)

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2 Responses to The Sun rises … Eos

  1. Tess Ward says:

    Is that the goddess of festival Eostre Linda?

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