Beltane …The Sacred Marriage

Beltane – When  we celebrate  fertility, the sacred marriage, and the union of Heaven and Earth.  This print forms part of my recent re exploration of Alchemy. It depicts the Rosarium where the Great Work takes place. Within we can observe the conjunction of Sol and Luna in the sacred vessel  – the athanor. Psychologically, Conjunction leads to the union of both the masculine and feminine within our Self leading to  a trans-formative path towards our true essence.

“The theme of the Sacred Marriage has come down to us in myth, in fairy tales like Cinderella and the Sleeping Beauty, and in the Biblical Song of Songs. Alchemy sets the supreme quest for the treasure in the context of a marriage between the solar and lunar aspects of the soul, the fiery gold of the masculine element and the volatile silver of the feminine one, a union between our mind and our soul, our head and our heart, between the solar King and the lunar Queen.”   ………………Ann Baring – The Quest for the Soul
The marriage between Heaven and Earth. In Alchemical terms it is 'conjunctio'.

The marriage between Heaven and Earth. In Alchemical terms it is ‘conjunctio’.

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