Iris …the divine messenger

Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger to the Gods .

Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger to the Gods .

Iris was described in Homer as a divine messenger to the Gods. In the Odyssey she was not mentioned and Mercury/Hermes took over the role as divine messenger.  She wears the caduceus and carries a ewer full of water from the River Styx . She is mostly remembered for being the personification of the Rainbow.

Hymn to Iris by Alice Oswald

quick moving goddess of the rainbow

you whose being is only an afterglow of a passing-through

put your hands
put your heaven-taken shape down
on the ground. now. anywhere

like a bent down bough of nothing

a bridge built out of the linked cells of thin air

and let there be instantly in its underlight –

at street corners, on swings, out of car windows –

a three-moment blessing for all bridges

may impossible rifts be often delicately crossed

by bridges of two thrown ropes or one dropped plank

may the unfixed forms of water be warily leaned over

on flexible high bridges, huge iron sketches of the mathematics of strain

and bridges of see-through stone, the living-space of drips and echoes

may two fields be bridged by a stile

and two hearts by the tilting footbridge of a glance

and may I often wake on the broken bridge of a word,

like in the wind the trace of a web. tethered to nothing


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