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Lughnassad….and the House of the Initiated Weavers

  Te Whare Pora: The House of Initiated Weaving Hineteiwaiwa is the Goddess I have worked with at this time of  of Lughnassad, a Celtic festival  named after the God Lugh who was revered for his skills and crafts. Hineteiwaiwa … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene and Margaret Starbird…..

July 22nd is the day of Mary Magdalene SACRED UNION Celebrating the Archetypal Bride and Bridegroom  The Christian Gospels say nothing specific about the marital status of Jesus, but the Hebrew language had no word for “bachelor” in the first … Continue reading

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TuTu Pele – Goddess of Hawai’s volcanoes…..

Tutu Pele …Pele is the ruler of the volcanoes of Hawaii and humans have no power to resist her. When Pele speaks, her word is final. She may appear as a tall beautiful young woman, or as an old woman, … Continue reading

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Atargatis and the first mermaid….

The first mermaids in ancient cultures were worshiped as gods and goddesses and appeared in mythology between 700 b.c. to 1000 b.c.  The earliest mermaid myth appeared in Assyeria in 1000 b.c. and told the story of how a goddess named Atargatis became … Continue reading

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