TuTu Pele – Goddess of Hawai’s volcanoes…..

TuTu Pele

TuTu Pele

Tutu Pele …Pele is the ruler of the volcanoes of Hawaii and humans have no power to resist her. When Pele speaks, her word is final. She may appear as a tall beautiful young woman, or as an old woman, wrinkled and bent with age, sometimes accompanied by a white dog. When enraged she may appear as a woman all aflame or as pure flame. Her sacred name as a spirit is Ka-ula-o-ke-ahi, the redness of the fire.
Her personality is volcanic, unpredictable, impulsive and given to sudden rages and violence. Hers is both the power to destroy and the power to create new land. Tutu is an affectionate term from grandparent and Hawaiians regard Tutu Pele not with fear but with filial respect; and with a touching resignation should a lava flow consume their homes. In December 1986, lava destroyed part of the village of Kalapana. A resident, interviewed while loading his possessions into a truck said: “I love my home; lived here all my life, and my family for generations. But if Tutu take it, it’s her land.”

Pele Honua Mea Pele of the Sacred Earth
Pele Ai Honua Pele Who Devours the Earth

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