Juno Caprotina…..Goddess of fertility….

Goddess of Fertility connected to the wild figs and goats.....

Goddess of Fertility connected to the wild figs and goats…..

I printed 2 autumn equinox goddesses this year …this is the second one.

Juno was the ancient Roman goddess of women and marriage, identified with the Greek goddess Hera. As the highest deity in the Roman pantheon next to Jupiter, her brother and husband, she ruled all aspects of women’s lives, including sexuality and childbirth, and served as a kind of guardian angel for women.
One of the most important festivals in honor of Juno was in her aspect as  Juno Caprotina , who was associated with goats and figs, both symbols of fertility and sexuality.  The festival was called  Nonae Caprotinae ) and held under a wild fig tree in the Campus Martius, or Field of Mars, a floodplain of the Tiber River. This sacred celebration  was exclusively celebrated by women, especially slave-women.

16 spiral



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