The Knot of Isis and the Philae spacecraft…..

Yesterday The Philae robot probe landed on a comet. The name Philae is the name of an ancient Egyptian temple complex . The temple was dedicated to Isis . Synchronistically I had planned to work on this plate of ISIS today .

The Knot of Isis is an ancient Egyptian Prayer from ‘The Book of Coming Forth into the Light” (aka ‘The Book of the Dead’) which has been translated by Normandi Ellis into a an especially moving modern version in her book Awakening Osiris.


Isis Unveiled

Isis Unveiled

The Knot of Isis

“At the ends of the universe is a blood red cord that binds life to death, will to destiny, and each of us to the other.  Let the knot of that red sash, which cradles the hips of the Goddess, bind in us the ends of life and dream.  We are each of us with our own share of hopes and misgivings.   Let our thoughts lay together in peace.  At our deaths let the bubbles of blood on our lips taste as sweet as berries.  Give us not consolation, give us magic.  Give us the spell of living well.

We rise and walk.  The sky arcs ever around and the world spreads itself beneath our feet.  We are bound mind to Mind and heart to Heart.  No shadow exists between our footsteps and the will of Goddess.  We walk in harmony, heaven in one hand, earth in the other.  We are the knot where the two worlds meet.  Red magic courses through our veins like the blood of Isis ~ magic of Magic, spirit of Spirits.  We are proof of the power of Goddess.  We are dust and water walking.”

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