The Descent of Innana …

The wonderful age old myth of the descent of Innana is probably 6,000 years old. She was a powerful Queen – Goddess that presided over Love, fertility and in later years, War. Her temples abound along the Euphrates and the Tigris. Her priestesses here would have scared sex with men and renact the myth of Innana and her husband Dammuz.  Here we see Innana descending to try to enter the Underworld get there she has to pass through 7 gates or kingdoms. It is a long myth so do look it up….. She finally enters the underworld only to be killed and hung as a rotting corpse on a hook. Eventually after much adventure she arises 3 days later . Her myth is about the seasons preceding Demeter and Persephone which parallels the cycle of life, death and rebirth . Psychologically her journey represents “the dark night of the soul” a journey into the unconscious, a journey with our shadow.🌀

Sumerian Queen of Heaven - Goddess of love, fertility and War

Sumerian Queen of Heaven – Goddess of love, fertility and War


Her eyes stared out from the paper……waiting

His eyes met her stare
And his belly filled with fear
The scream reached out to his mother
No where to run
an avalanche of emotions

And then quite coldly he shot me down
Removed all sign of Her
Got me out of the way
At least I got a reaction

Her eyes stared out from the paper



I dedicate this print to all women artists who still struggle against a patriarchal stance in the art world 🌀

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Linda Hill
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2 Responses to The Descent of Innana …

  1. rose cook says:

    Thanks Linda, the Inanna myth means so much to me, and She is an ever present Goddess,
    love Rose

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