The Wisdom of Sophia-Isis……the Feminine face of the Divine….

This is the first Goddess I have printed on my own press …it had to be Sophia , High Priestess of the Divine Feminine 🌀

Sophia in Greek means wisdom. The concept of Sophia is seen in many religions.. orthodox and eastern Christianity, Platonism and Gnosticism. As a Goddess she has remarkable similarities to the great Egyptian Goddess Isis. Many believe that the concept of Sophia was built upon the identity of Isis.

“Sophia is the great lost goddess who has remained within orthodox spirituaity. She is veiled, blackened, denigrated and ignored most of the time ” Caitlin Mathews

Sophia - Isis

“I am she that is the natural mother of all things, mistress and governess of all the elements, the initial progeny of worlds, chief of the powers divine, queen of all that are in hell, the original principle of them that dwell in heaven, manifested alone and under one form of all the gods and goddesses. At my will the planets of the sky, the wholesome winds, seas, and the lamentable silences of hell are disposed; my divinity is adored throughout the world, in diverse manners, in variable customs, and by many names…and the Egyptians, which are excellent in all kind of ancient doctrine, and by their proper ceremonies accustomed to worship me, do call me by my true name” –

Queen Isis.


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