The Witch-Hare……

It is said that witches turned themselves into hares. Apparently the hare was the most common disguise of witches in Europe. It is believed by some that hares sitting in rings, known as a “hares’ parliament”, are a symbol of the witches circle.

In the black furrow of a field
I saw an old witch-hare this night;
And she cocked a lissome ear,
And she eyed the moon so bright,
And she nibbled of the green;
And I whispered “Wh-s-st! witch-hare,”
Away like a ghostie o’er the field
She fled, and left the moonlight there.

Walter de la mare

The Witch - Hare

The Witch – Hare

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Linda Hill
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2 Responses to The Witch-Hare……

  1. rose cook says:

    I love this, Linda. The shape shifting witch- hare, beautiful. Great poem too.

  2. x your input was so much a part of the manifestation 🙂

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