Bearing the Sun …Sulis Minerva

Summer Solstice blessings 🌀

The hot springs over which the city of Bath in South West England is built have probably existed for thousands of years. Before the Roman’s arrived in Britain, the oak-tree lined grove with its bubbling orange-tinged waters was a spot held sacred by the Celts. They believed the hot spring, with its rich, mineral properties, was the work of the deity Sulis, the Celtic Sun goddess associated with medicine, fertility and healing. Celtic coins found at the spring’s site prove that people used the spring as a means of communicating with Sulis, leaving offerings in the hope of the obtaining the goddess’s good fortune.
The Roman’s polytheistic faith was not averse to merging Celtic gods with their own Roman deities. On discovering the sacred spring at Bath, they renamed it Aquae Sulis – the waters of Sulis – and amalgamated the Celtic goddess Sulis with one of their own goddesses , Minerva.  The sacred quality of Aquae Sulis’s waters set it apart from other Roman baths,  as the Romans could not only indulge in the usual activities of gossip, grooming and socialising, they could also worship Sulis Minerva in the adjoining temple. The famed healing qualities of the mineral rich waters further enhanced the sacred qualities of the site. Pilgrims still travel to bathe in the therapeutic waters and honour Sulis-Minerva at her shrine.



Bath - thermal healing spring

Aquae Sulis in Bath ,SW England – thermal healing spring


May the long time sun
Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.


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1 Response to Bearing the Sun …Sulis Minerva

  1. rose cook says:

    Golden solstice greetings and deep salutations to the sun, love x

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