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Hermaphroditus…Child of the Sun and Moon

This is a new print in my ongoing Alchemy series. This ancient art is also called “The Great Work” and is said  to produce the perfect hermaphrodite or androgyne. Symbolically this is done by immersing the Sun king and Moon … Continue reading

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Cerise and Reuben….a Love story

A  Love story ..a story of love-sickness oh! how it hurts ….. inspired by an event put on by the Drawing Circus from Brighton 💜 and the song  “Cerise and Reuben” by Robert Hunter and Gerry Garcia of the Grateful … Continue reading

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Athena and her shield of protection…..

“If you always greatly honor with kindness the kindly ones, you will surely be preeminent, keeping your land and city in the straight path of justice.”…….Athena. Aeschylus, Eumenides As we all know the Greek people are suffering tremendous anguish and … Continue reading

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