Leucothea and her Life -giving Veil…..


Leucothea and her life-giving veil

Leucothea and her life-giving veil

Leucothea ( milk-white Goddess)  is an ancient Greek sea goddess  and is the personification of the white foam and saltiness of the sea .  She wasn’t always so but had incurred the wrath of Hera when she helped raise Dionysus by being his wet-nurse. To avoid Hera’s murderous rage she threw herself into the sea where she was saved and made Divine. In Homer’s  Odyssey  Leucothea makes a dramatic appearance  telling  the shipwrecked Odysseus to discard his cloak and raft and offers him her veil  to wind round himself to save his life and reach land. She thereby rescued the Greek hero from drowning. Leucothea is a transformation goddess and her veil can be seen as the Umbilicus – the life-giving veil. In Alchemy I feel she  represents Lac Virginis – the virgins milk which is necessary for the conjunction of Sol and Luna at the chemical marriage.

Here in this print I have aligned Leucothea’s veil with the beautiful  Leucothea pulchra comb jellyfish 🌀

“O forlorn man, I wonder

why the Earthshaker, Lord Poseidon, holds

this fearful grudge—father of all your woes.

He will not drown you, though, despite his rage.

You seem clear-headed still; do what I tell you.

Shed that cloak, let the gale take your craft,

and swim for it—swim hard to get ashore

upon Skhería, yonder,

where it is fated that you find a shelter.

Here: make my veil your sash; it is not mortal;

you cannot, now, be drowned or suffer harm.”

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