Euronyme and the Universal egg…

The World Egg is a symbol found in many mythologies and philosophies

The 1st of October is my grandson Io’s 5th birthday , blessed is he with a name that hangs in the stars and planets.  So it felt synchronous to bring form to an ancient Creation Goddess, Euronyme, on this date. It is said. that she was a wild dancer and called the Goddess of all things … who made love to Orphion, the great serpent. This coupling produced the Universal cosmic egg from which the universe and planetary powers were born. The great Titan Queen and her husband ruled Olympus but Orphion vexed her by claiming to be the creator of the universe so she banished him to the dark caves below the Earth.

Euronyme- Ancient creation Goddess

Euronyme- Ancient creation Goddess

The rebirth of the world from an egg and the use of the snake as a symbol of regenerative power is a strong theme of what Marija Gimbutas  called “the language of the goddess”. The quote on the print is from a poem by Mary Oliver.




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1 Response to Euronyme and the Universal egg…

  1. rose cook says:

    particularly resonant with me just now, as we are awaiting the birth of a grandchild…x

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