Rapunzel and the tower of isolation…..

This is the  first print in my new collection exploring fairy tales from a Jungian and alchemical perspective.

…and just when our maiden got good and used to her isolation

stopped daily expecting to be rescued

had come to almost love her tower,

along comes this prince

with absolutely all the wrong answers.

from Liz Lochhead’s Three twists.

Rapunzel in the Tower of Isolation

Rapunzel in the Tower of Isolation

I have chosen here to show Rapunzel in the Tower which sits in the middle of dense woods, representing a place of contemplative isolation . The Tower , like the tarot card Tower, also represents a time for Truth , and uncomfortable realizations which are needed to shock the psyche out of denial. The tower often represents  a link to heaven, and the impenetrability of the building to virginity and / or sexual chastity. Rapunzel was locked away in this door-less tower by her stepmother as soon as her menstrual cycle had started. Here she is walled off from reality and life itself .  It is however also a place of maturation  so Light , illumination and revelation will eventually dawn as the psyche is forced to see the truth. The alchemical oven is usually shown symbolically as a tower  and represents the alchemical search for inner healing and renewal.

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5 Responses to Rapunzel and the tower of isolation…..

  1. suefjsuefj says:

    Much as I loved your past work, I also love your change of direction! Beautiful print!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I really like your interpretaton and your art work is compelling.

  3. rose cook says:

    lovely print and quote and what a rich seam you are embarking on x

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