Venus – the star, the heart and the rose ….

                          “Venus favors the bold”……Ovid

April 20th …Today the Sun moves into the astrological sign of Taurus which is ruled by the planet and Goddess Venus ❤️  this is my latest drypoint print to honour her energy.                                                                                                                                                            Venus and her 8-pointed star  descend from an ancient lineage of the sacred feminine. Ishtar, Astarte, Lakshmi, and Innana are all connected to the the 8 pointed star. The Greeks called her Aphrodite and the Romans Venus. All of these goddesses s were linked to fertility, love, sex and beauty. Venus, akin to her lineage personifies the archetypal feminine quality that relates also to the Earth itself. Her flower is the red rose and she is associated with the metal Copper. Interestingly  women have more copper in their blood than men and their copper levels follow a monthly cycle. Aphrodite/Venus is said to have risen from the sea in Cyprus – Cyprus is a derivative of Copper. The planet Venus is the brightest object in our sky and is often named the evening or morning star when it rises or sets a few hours before or after the Sun, it can be seen just before sunrise or just after sunset as a bright morning or evening star. At these times, Venus is up to 15 times brighter than the brightest star, Sirius, and can even cast shadows. In alchemy Venus is important and provides sustenence and nourishment.  She appears at the second stage of the Great work and symbolises the rising of the inward Sun and the opening of the heart , which is earthed for use in the next stages.

The Star of Venus

The Star of Venus






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  1. Rose Cook says:

    Magnificent Venus x

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