LAIMA – cuckoo of the Lime tree

The Cuckoo is a fine bird,
She sings as she flies;
She brings us good tidings,
She tells us no lies.
She sucks little birds’ eggs
To make her voice clear;
And when she sings
The summer is near.

LAIMA  is a goddess from Baltic, Slavic and Germanic mythology who presides over fertility, life and birth.  She is half woman and half bird, a personification of the cuckoo, who dwelt within the lime (linden) trees. Here she would sit upon a large rock which was her throne  where she could be called upon for decision making and prophecy. People treated the lime tree and her with great respect and they would talk to the lime trees and sit beneath them for counsel. The lime tree is an ancient  symbol of peace and justice and the Germanic peoples used the lime tree for judicial meetings  believing the tree would help unearth the truth. It was a sacred tree in many European countries and countries such as Poland had “Holy Limes” for each village. Lime is a national emblem, of the Czech republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia.  Almost all European nations attribute the role of sibyl to the cuckoo with many attached folk legends …such as one should have money in their pocket when hearing the cuckoo call for the first time in Spring or else one would stay poor all year.

LAIMA - cuckoo of the Lime tree


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4 Responses to LAIMA – cuckoo of the Lime tree

  1. rose cook says:

    Wonderful, so interesting and beautiful. A church I visited recently in north Devon had an avenue of great limes x

  2. suefjsuefj says:

    I love her wise, secret, knowing smile – beautiful and interesting. Are they lime trees near Park School? x

  3. Tess Ward says:

    Love this one Linda. Just bought a blanket in a muted version of those colours. Tess xxx


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