FRIGG – “The Beloved” ❤️

Every Friday we honour the Greatest of the Norse Goddesses, FRIGG  – Goddess of fertility and motherhood also wife of the great God ODIN. Queen of Asgard. Her name literally means “Beloved” and she is associated with foreknowledge and deep wisdom and was a practioner of Seidr- Norse magic.  Her reputation was of knowing everybody’s destiny but mysteriously she never unveiling such truths. She shared equal sovereignty with Odin and it was known she was the only one to share the Royal throne. Her husband underwent a great trial hanging upside down upon the world tree for 9 days in order to receive enlightenment and the knowledge and gift of the Runes. Frigg is credited with the development of the runes which to this day are tools used for divination and the opening up of psychic awareness. She is nearly always shown with a spindle which is seen as a powerful symbol representing female wisdom, magic, virtue and industry. She was said to have loved to sit among Orion’s belt , also known as Frigg’s spinning wheel, spinning golden thread and weaving clouds and Fate itself.

FRIGG- The Beloved

FRIGG- The Beloved


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  1. So educational! Thank you for sharing.

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