Sovereignty and the Vestal Virgins……

In the UK the word sovereignty and its essence  has been discussed frequently since the vote to leave the European Union. Thoughts and print developed.

The Romans believed the Vestal Virgins performed an invaluable spiritual service for the Empire symbolised by the tending of the eternal flame. They knew that it was through the Feminine Sovereign that gifts of nurturance and spiritual protection were bestowed upon the people. Without the sacred fire it was feared that the collective human spirit would diminish. The Vestal Virgins were the priestesses of the Roman goddess of the hearth, VESTA. They were 6 in number and were held in the highest regard as they tended the sacred fire in the shrine of Vesta in the Roman forum.The Roman writer Plutarch (45-120 CE) notes, “Some are of the opinion that these vestals had no other business than the preservation of the sacred fire; but others conceive that they were keepers of other divine secrets, concealed from all but themselves.” Their duties required them to remain chaste and male clergy were not allowed to participate in the rites concerning Vesta.The virgins were chosen between the ages of six and ten years old by the chief priest and had to serve for 30 years (during which time they, of course, had to remain chaste). Once their 30 years of service was completed, they were free to marry, but very few did as it was considered unlucky since they had, essentially, been the brides of Vesta for most of their lives and were consecrated to the goddess.

The spiritual protection of the Vestal Virgins

The spiritual protection of the Vestal Virgins


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