Cybele’s Heart..h in the Tower …….❤️

Ancient Cybele originated in the mountains in Anatolia(present day Turkey) in the 6 century BCE. She was an earth mother goddess and connected to nature and agriculture. Her cult involved singing , drumming, dancing, and wild orgiastic  rituals and she was associated  with bees and honey. The Great Mother  was usually shown seated and pregnant or in some instances shown giving birth. Her myth tells of a husband called Attis who was a sacrificed  death and resurrection God and was turned into a pine tree. The most sacred manifestation of Cybele was as a revered black meteorite. In 204BC  this stone was  removed to Rome,via the Delphi Oracle who gave permission for the Mother of the Gods to be welcomed in Rome where she was called Cybele -Magna Mater , the great mother. Cybele’s cult was very popular in the whole of the Roman Empire and it was not terminated until the Christian era. The meteorite black stone disappeared but was recorded historically. Cybele is usually shown wearing a tower as her crown so seen as the personification of fortifications such as towns or cities. Other Goddesses also wear this type of crown such as that seen on the Statue of Liberty in New York. My print show St Michael’s Tower at the top of  Glastonbury Tor. Cybele is closely connected to Minoan Goddess Rhea and the Greek goddess Demeter

Jung saw the tower as a feminine symbol with sacred meaning. He actually built himself a stone tower at Bollingen in Switzerland. In the middle of the tower was the fireplace and writes that it “represented for him the maternal hearth.” above the hearth he carved a quote “Seek that which is not possible.” Here in his tower he retreated alone to work and live off grid ,writing ,painting and carving stones. Jung saw the tower as a symbol of the Self with the divine spark at its centre…. the tower being seen as the place where the body, the soul ,the self ……..matured and developed on its journey.

CYBELE's heart..h in the Tower

CYBELE’s heart..h in the Tower

The Mother Goddess

is watching the forest 

she sings to you a song of honey

and cry's the chant of mad sweet music

her heaving breast worships us

drunk and frantic with joy .....I recall

her visions give wild dreams 

she sits in our beauty 

and the red rose incubates

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One Response to Cybele’s Heart..h in the Tower …….❤️

  1. suefjsuefj says:

    Such interesting information – a perfect antidote to today’s news. Beautiful print, such amazing links with the past. Jung was/is amazing. X

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