ANIMA MUNDI – The World Soul 🌎

This print depicts the World Soul as seen from the perspective of alchemy …she wears the red stone also known as the philosophers stone which is a symbol of enlightenment. She is the connection between Spirit and Matter. She is the Divine spark and the echo of the Universe .

“To the alchemists, the philosophers’ stone, their son of God, was not begotten in the womb of the Virgin Mary, but in the womb of Mother Nature. Jung reminds us that “Nature is not matter only, she is also spirit.”…Paul Levey

ANIMA MUNDI … The World Soul

ANIMA MUNDI –  is a feminine principle which was historically considered the “soul of the world”, the essence and spirit  of human, animal and plant life on Earth. This was understood by the ancient philosophers and the alchemists who regarded the World Soul as a pure ethereal spirit diffused throughout all nature, the divine essence that embraces and energizes all life in the universe. In the Renaissance the World Soul was understood as the force that guides the unfolding of nature and the cosmos.

Anima Mundi Thurneisser zum Thurn, Quinta Essentia, (Leipzig: 1574)

The World Soul was also the creative principle that the Renaissance artists sought to channel in their work. Their art was based upon the same sacred proportions they saw in nature, and they understood the imagination as a magical power that can “lure and channel the energies of the anima mundi.” The alchemists continued to explore the anima mundi. While the Church looked for light in the heavens, the alchemists sought the light hidden in matter, in the earth itself. They understood that there was a sacred essence within creation, which through their experiments and imagination they worked to release. For the alchemists the anima mundi is the divine spark in matter. For our ancestors, psychology and ecology were one which originally formed the archetype of the Anima Mundi. Today it  can still be seen that our human psyche and the world psyche are deeply interconnected -via our human connections to each other and our connections to the health of our planet. The feminine nurturing aspect of the anima mundi needs awakening  in an overly dominant egocentric western society ….. on an individual level and a collective level.

The last Major Arcana tarot card number 21 ‘The World ‘depicts the Anima Mundi


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