The Red Seeds Oracle

At our village’s open studio event next weekend I will be launching   a new creation ….‘The Red Seeds Oracle’. I am Looking forward to seeing anyone that can make it to the Chapel . I dedicate this to the Feminine , to all the women I have known, to my mother, my sister  and to my daughters .With love and  special thanks to  Capella, my daughter, without her love and expertise this would not have manifested. 

Some words by the great Sufi poet RUMI for you all x

“You suppose you are the trouble
But you are the cure
You suppose that you are the lock on the door
But you are the key that opens it
It’s too bad that you want to be someone else
You don’t see your own face, your own beauty
Yet, no face is more beautiful than yours.” ……. RUMI



About redseedsgatherer

Linda Hill
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3 Responses to The Red Seeds Oracle

  1. suefjsuefj says:

    It is truly wonderful that your creativity / ideas are coming to fruition. Really looking forward to seeing your Oracle Cards! X

  2. solsdottir says:

    Good luck with your weekend!

  3. MoonGypsy AT says:

    Gorgeous Deck! i am really looking forward to being able to order this Divine Creation. May your Muse continue to guide your hands and dance in your heart!
    Love and Hugs,
    MoonGypsy AT in the USA

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