AIDOS – Goddess of Shame – # MeToo

This print is my response to the # Me Too campaign ….
This is AIDOS , the Greek Goddess who personifies shame. She was a close companion to the Goddess of justice and vengeance -Nemesis .
I don’t need to read the papers about the prevalence of sexual harassment and objectification. My own experiences and those of the women in my life are riddled with penis exposure , workplace harassment, incest, sexual assault and rape. Perhaps you may think this is too strong a statement but most women have experienced some of these. Often women react with misplaced shame and bury the feelings that are a part of our society .We have been told for too long to endure it , that it’s ok and it is just how it is……BUT it’s not ok to carry the embarrassment, the burden, the anxiety and the shame, the humiliation, the anger …ITS NOT OK.

Women are made to feel ashamed for not fighting hard enough

Women are threatened into silence and punished for speaking out


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Linda Hill
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