The Beauty Myth…… Womens’ day 2018…..

My print for Women’s day this year depicts part of the myth of Psyche (Soul). Here she has undertaken an epic trial to venture down into the Underworld and to bring back Persephone’s beauty box. She was firmly told by Venus, not to open the box. However, Psyche  couldn’t resist the chance of securing and enhancing her own beauty, as she  was worried her lover, Cupid, might abandon her and perhaps her looks were fading ? On opening the box of beauty all she found was darkness and she fell  instantly into a deathlike coma, a stygian sleep an unconscious path ? an anxious path ?                       BEAUTY AT ANY COST  ?

“The Victorian woman became her ovaries, as today’s woman has become her “beauty.” Naomi Wolf – The Beauty Myth

Psyche after opening Persephone’s Beauty box

“A consequence of female self-love is that the woman grows convinced of social worth. Her love for her body will be unqualified, which is the basis of female identification. If a woman loves her own body, she doesn’t grudge what other women do with theirs; if she loves femaleness, she champions its rights. It’s true what they say about women: Women are insatiable. We are greedy. Our appetites do need to be controlled if things are to stay in place. If the world were ours too, if we believed we could get away with it, we would ask for more love, more sex, more money, more commitment to children, more food, more care. These sexual, emotional, and physical demands would begin to extend to social demands: payment for care of the elderly, parental leave, childcare, etc. The force of female desire would be so great that society would truly have to reckon with what women want, in bed and in the world.”
Naomi Wolf – The Beauty Myth



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4 Responses to The Beauty Myth…… Womens’ day 2018…..

  1. rose cook says:

    Fabulous x And at the bottom of the box was…hope 💫 xx

  2. suefjsuefj says:

    Not only the most stunning print ever Linda but a great message, when women are still judged and judge themselves as though the way they look is the only worthwhile aspect of their lives. Beauty is important like the beauty of this image but there is so much more to our lives. Age teaches us this as physical beauty fades we realise other more lasting forms of beauty.

  3. Dhwani says:

    This is absolutely stunning. Very informative and wonderfully written!!
    Recently even I wrote a blog on women’s day named ‘Lets Take a Step Forward’. Please do check it out. It would mean a lot to me :))

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