Mnemosyne at her Pool of Memory…….

Down in the murky depths of Hades there reigned a Goddess known as Mnemosyne who presided over ‘The Pool of Memory’. When the deceased entered the Underworld they  would need to take care when drinking. Dead souls who satiated their thirst from the River Lethe, ‘The River of Forgetfulness’, would experience total  oblivion and forget everything they had ever known . This was the path of ignorance and resulted in the deceased hav ing to return to Earth to learn once again the lessons they needed. Those Souls who choose to remember and  drink at the ‘Pool of Memory’ were admitted to the Elysian Fields to spend eternity in peace.

Carl Jung felt that the unconscious mind stores our unique personal memories and experiences (the personal unconscious) and that another level  contained memories and behavioural patterns that we have inherited from our ancestors (the collective unconscious).

Historically the flowers known as Forget-me-nots , symbolize remembering.

Mnemosyne at her Pool of Memory

“No, no, go not to Lethe, neither twist
Wolf’s-bane, tight-rooted, for its poisonous wine;
Nor suffer thy pale forehead to be kiss’d
By nightshade, ruby grape of Proserpine;”…Keats

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