The Virgin Mary and the Annunciation

March 25th is the Marian Feast day of Mary’s Annunciation which falls every year 9 months before Christmas Day. It tells the story of the visitation of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary to inform her she is with child – the immaculate conception. Unlike Eve, the fallen disobedient virgin, Mary’s power was portrayed and celebrated as one of compliance, passivity and obedience. And so, the patriarchal religions of 2,000 years ago worshiped and created a de-sexualised version of the Great Mother goddess. Sexuality in women was portrayed as a sin and an overwhelming temptation to man. Hurt followed …. Hurt follows  #timesup #metoo  …….dark truths.

Symbolically this story of Mary appealed to many artists and philosophers who were/are fascinated with this biblical story . Beyond the disempowerment  of women’s sexuality   this story can be seen to express the awe, and the experience of prediction, prophecy and seeing….the moments creative thoughts arrive within us…..I AM FORETOLD

The ‘Virgin’ Mary and the Annunciation


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