DEIPHOBE takes the GOLDEN BOUGH to the Underworld

The priestess Deiphobe was a Sibyl, a prophetess who presided over the Apollonian oracle at Cummae in Italy. She lived in a cave , writing her prophecies on oak leaves. It is said that the Hero Anneas visited her to ask for her help as he needed to reach Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. He knew that only the dead could undertake such a  journey to such a place. Deiphobe said she would accompany him and brought with her ‘The Golden Bough”. When they arrived at the entrance to Hades Sybil showed the mistletoe wand to Charon, the ferryman, and Anneas was at last allowed into the depths of the Underworld and journey to visit Persephone.

The golden bough is Mistletoe which represents  light and dark, good and evil. It is a plant that reaches to the heavens and is not bound to the Earth. In the initiatory rites of Persephone the golden bough was held up to her as an offering, with the initiate acknowledging  that to enter the darkness was to return to the light. Only by possessing such knowledge would Persephone allow mortals to enter her realm…. #redseedsoracle

DEIPHOBE takes the Golden bough to the Underworld

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