The blind impulse of ATE

ATE (pronounced A t ee)  is a trickster Greek Goddess of mischief and blind folly. Her mother was ERIS – the Goddess of discord and her father , Zeus. Ate is also the personification of Infatuation – and holds the energy of the rash foolishness behind  blind impulse.  She describes the trouble and consequences that may derive from our own delusions. These are times when we set ourselves up to fail, times when through blind behaviour  we bring out the worst of ourselves . Luckily Ate had sisters, the Litai  (or Prayers), who follow her around and clean up her mayhem.

“With a truly tragic delusion,” Carl Jung noted, “these theologians fail to see that it is not a matter of proving the existence of the light, but of blind people who do not know that their eyes could see. It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to teach people the art of seeing.”……Carl Jung

The Blind Impulse of ATE



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1 Response to The blind impulse of ATE

  1. suefjsuefj says:

    I love the fractured, chaotic background and trickster feel of Ate, another great image. Must be nice to have a Sister around to sort out the mayhem!

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