NIKE- The Goddess of Victory

In Greek mythology, Nike was the winged daughter of Pallas and the river Styx. The ‘winged’ goddess embodied strength, speed and victory. She flew through the sky to the deities spreading news of Victory and was close to Zeus, acting sometimes as his divine charioteer. It is said that Zeus honoured Nike by asking her to crown the winners of the ancient Olympic games with olive leaves from a sacred tree. She would attend the games by taking over the body of a priestess, and would then personally crown the proud winners.

‘Just do it’ psychology urges us to live our lives instead of just thinking about doing it . Taking action in our lives to change the things we know we need to. Finding new ways of doing requires faith in ourselves to take the chance of cutting old ties to a way of life that no longer serves us. We may succeed; we may fail; but at least we are engaging in an active response to our mortal lives. I AM WINNING


  • Since 1928, the Olympics Medal has sported Nike bearing her wreath of victory and the shield upon which the victor’s name is inscribed.
  • Rolls-Royce vehicles bear a  depiction of Nike on the bonnet.
  • She was  the central figure on the FIFA World Cup ‘golden goddess’ Trophy  until 1983, sadly it was then stolen for a second time and a new trophy without her on it was created.
  • She is still very much alive in advertisement, for it was the Greek goddess that inspired the name and logo of the famous sport shoe manufacturer. NIKE has been the leader in the world of sports equipment and apparel since 1978 and is estimated to employ 44,000 workers around the globe. JUST DO IT is a trademark of shoe company Nike, and one of the core components of Nike’s brand.
  • For the swoosh symbol that appears on the side of each Nike shoe, Nike employee Carolyn Davis was paid $35 for the design. Rumor has it she later received an undisclosed amount of stock options as well.
  • A sculpture dating back to 424 to 203 BC is known as “Nike of Samothrace” was unearthed in 1863  canbe seen at the Louvre Museum in Paris. (one of my most favourite sculptures!)


Michael Johnson won Olympic 200m and 400m double at the Atlanta 1996American was wearing sparkling gold shoes that are now legendary






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