PHEME at the Walk of Fame ….

PHEME is the Greek Goddess of Fame and renown, her wrath is gossip. I picture her here within the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a place that celebrates the famous with a named star embedded in the sidewalk. The area runs for 18 blocks and is 1.3 miles long. Millions of tourists visit this area every year. This print shows PHEME contemplating the weight of fame.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” became Andy Warhol’s best-known statement, it is said. Today we live in a manufactured celebrity culture that revolves around consumerism and is easily accessed via social media and an active gossip industry. This  not only makes sure we know just how ‘the other half live’ but further heightens celebrity status, to what may seem, a godly and archetypal status. The polished images we see before us therefore can lead to idolatry and a compulsion to mirror the persona of such well-known stars, and their lives. We observe them looking ultra perfect and living fabulous lives. In such a culture we might  turn and look back at our own lives and find a very different story. This may lead to a sense of low self-worth,  and despair of ones Self.How much is our sense of Self affected by celebrity status? How much is the sense of Self affected to those who are celebrities? 

So PHEME  also speaks to us of  LEGACY, our wish to leave a mark on the world. This ancient archetype asks  Which is the most important to us, Fame or Legacy?’ She reminds us to find meaning in our own lives and to live life everyday knowing we matter. Our lives are important and we all want to feel our life matters. Mary Oliver says:                                  ‘I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.’…                  


PHEME at the Walk of FAME

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