ARTEMIS – Huntress of Souls

Artemis was one of the principle Goddesses of Greek Mythology. Her parents were Zeus and Leto, her twin brother, Apollo. She was a virgin Goddess, and was adamant about not relinquishing  her power to the rule of men. She was fiercely protective towards women who were being harassed or threatened , and also protected them on their journey of giving birth. Known as ‘the Goddess who roves by night’, Artemis was as wild as the wind and as such she protected the wild places, the wilderness,  and the animals that lived within them, sometimes shape-shifting into an animal herself.  She was the 2 aspects of hunting…She who hunts and She who is hunted….She who gives and She who takes away. And so in Ancient Greek times hunting was sacred and seen to be carried out on behalf of  Artemis, for which there were strict rituals ruling this practice of killing.

‘Artemis, as soul of the wilderness, gives expression to the place in the psyche where humanity feels itself to be free from human concerns, and so at the same time open  to the immense untameable powers of nature. The figure who came alive in the Greek imagination conferred an absolute sacrality upon the wilds of nature and the wild place of the human heart that reflected them.’ …..The Myth of the Goddess – Ann Baring and Jules Cashford

Artemis’s symbol of power was her huntresses bow and arrow which also directed her total focus and relentless determination. Never tiring, she was independent and self-reliant…..I AM AGENCY

I depict her standing among the herb Artemesia – Mugwort…a protective herb against insect bites and can also be drunk and used as a smudge for protection in rituals.

ARTEMIS – Huntress of Souls

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