This print is dedicated to the powerful, beautiful Anna Ziman who transformed so many women’s live’s and passed away into the hands of the Goddess on Sunday ..Blessed Be ❤️Lilith, meaning the night creature or screech owl, is one the oldest known Goddesses of the world often depicted with wings. Her roots were Babylonia as Ishtar/Innana . After the Babylonian exile the Hebrew culture reinvented her and she became known as an evil demon rather than the Great Goddess. In the Old Testament midrash writing it is told that Jehovah created, from the dust of the earth, Adam and Lilith as his wife.The only difference was that lilith had filth and residue in her dust. The marriage did not last as Lilith refused to lay underneath Adam and submit to him when they were making love. It was said she was defiant and disobedient and so she was rejected and cast out of the Garden of Eden. She was the ancient symbol of what happened to women who demanded equality and disobeyed their husbands. Eve was then created from Adam’s rib.  Here again is Lilith as the serpent Goddess but in a twisted fashion as the root of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.  Eve has been blamed for accepting the temptation of the serpent for 2000 years, but Lilith was the vehicle for that temptation….she was the serpent. And so Lilith was viewed as the darker aspect of Eve and accused of killing children, having sex with demons, and seducing men. If we fast forward to the 15th century the same accusations were delivered to those they called WITCHES. Lilith is the woman who disobeys male power and so talks to us of equality, independence, sexuality  and courage…..I AM LIBERATED 

Jewish women’s archive
Until the late twentieth century the demon Lilith, Adam’s first wife, had a fearsome reputation as a kidnapper and murderer of children and seducer of men. Only with the advent of the feminist movement in the 1960s did she acquire her present high status as the model for independent women.The contemporary feminist movement found an inspiration in this image of Lilith as the uncontrollable woman and decisively changed the image of Lilith from demon to powerful woman.



Enid Dame (1943-2003)

kicked myself out of paradise
left a hole in the morning
no note no goodbye
was patient and hairy

he cared for the animals
worked late at night
planting vegetables
under the moon

sometimes he’d hold me
our long hair tangled
he kept me from rolling
off the planet

it was
always safe there
but safety

wasn’t enough. I kept nagging
pointing out flaws
in his logic

he carried a god
around in his pocket
consulted it like

a watch or an almanac

it always proved
I was wrong

two against one
isn’t fair! I cried
and stormed out of Eden
into history:
the Middle Ages
were sort of fun
they called me a witch
I kept dropping
in and out
of people’s sexual fantasies

I work in New Jersey
take art lessons
live with a cabdriver

he says; baby
what I like about you
is your sense of humor

I cry in the bathroom
remembering Eden
and the man and the god

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