ATHENA with her Owl in the Parthenon…

ATHENA was the Greek virgin goddess of wisdom, reason, crafts, strategy and war. Her temple was the Parthenon in Athens. She was often shown wearing amour but here I place the emphasis on her strong connection with the wise owl who represents and accompanies Athena.
Archetypally Athena models the strong Feminine endowed with great objectivity, insight and reason. Her left brained male energy acquires great knowledge which can be used in academia and business, and in all other areas  once seen as ‘a man’s world.
She is fiercely independent and doesn’t suffer fools lightly and has no time for dreamers. Perhaps at this time the Athena archetype is encouraging the Feminine to rise up and claim a voice of wisdom and reason, regardless of our gender. The feminine is a quality that lives in both men and women. We live in transition as the gender gap is closing and today men and women have to some extent interchangeable lives.

ATHENA and her OWL at the Parthenon

The Athenian “owl” silver tetradrachm is unquestionably one of the most influential coins of all time. During the fifth century BC, when Athens emerged as the greatest of all Greek cities, owls were the most widely used international coin and helped to spread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean world.


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