THEIA is the Greek Goddess of Light . Here she stands under a gaslight which is a metaphor for Gaslighting , a form of insidious emotional abuse where the perpetrator ‘shuts someone down’ by causing them to doubt their truth. The term gaslighting was taken from the play ‘Gas light’ by Patrick Hamilton which was also turned into a film. The story is centered around a husband who manipulates his wife by questioning her sanity and her perception of reality. The husband distorts their home, mainly by dimming the gas light, and then denies any change in their environment has occurred at all. The wife is left disoriented and confused, as she questions her mental health as she now  believes that she can no longer trust what she believes to be true.

Gaslighting is a form of control and manipulation … if affected we can become blinded and confused and lose confidence in our sense of self and sanity. Women through the centuries have often been open to such abuse by being called hysterical and over emotional thereby reducing their worth. Gaslighting is a matrix of denial, contradictions and lies…..all conscious attempts to disempower the other person/s. Being in a relationship with someone who gaslights will leave us feeling worthless and  crazy  for the suggested problems in the relationship. It is a trap to ensure a persons reality and identity is broken and tested. Self-loathing and self-distrust soon follows. It is easy to fall blind to such behaviour. We are all susceptible to gaslighters as their behaviour tends to be an insidous and  gradual technique of manipulation……………..I AM BLINDED





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Linda Hill
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