GAIA and our beautiful Earth…….

In Greek mythology GAIA  is the primordial Goddess of the EARTH, the personification of our planet. She was borne from Chaos. Gaia and Uranus (the sky) bore the Titans, the giants and the sea. Gaia was the original deity at the Delphi Oracle and mother of Python, the serpent at the center  of the earth. The ancient Greeks represented the center of the earth with a large stone, the omphalos which was situated at the centre of the Delphi temple guarded by Python. In later years Apollo murdered Python and took the power for himself.

In 1970 James Lovelock proposed that the earth is a living being, self-regulating the elements to sustain life on it….and called it the GAIA THEORY explaining an aware universe protecting and sustaining life on our planet.

“The divine oneness of life is within and all around us. Sometimes walking alone in nature we can feel its heartbeat and its wonder, and our steps become steps of remembrance. The simple practice of “walking in a sacred manner”—in which with every step we take we feel the connection with the sacred Earth—is one way to reconnect with the living spirit of the Earth. There are so many ways to reconnect with the sacred within creation, to listen within and include the Earth in our spiritual practice and daily life. When we hear the morning chorus of birds, we may sense that deeper joy of life and awake to its divine nature; at night the stars can remind us of what is infinite and eternal within us and within the world. Watching the simple wonder of a dawn or a sunset can be an offering in itself. Whatever way we are drawn to wonder, to recognize the sacred, what matters is always the attitude we bring to this intimate exchange. It is through the heart that a real connection is made, even if we first make it in our feet or hands. Do we really feel our self as a part of this beautiful and suffering planet, do we sense its need? Then this connection comes alive, a living stream that flows from our heart as it embraces all of life. Then every step, every touch, will be a prayer for the Earth, a remembrance of what is sacred.”….Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

            GAIA  is the personification of the consciousness  of our planet.  

              She is a living being. She is the SOUL of the Earth.

I AM EARTH #theredseedsoracle

GAIA – The Beautiful PLANET

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Linda Hill
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  1. Natasha Embleton says:

    Hello Linda Another beautiful piece or art! I was just wondering.. do you sell cards or postcards of your work, or just the full size prints? Thanks Natasha

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