IASO Goddess of Recovery and Recuperation

IASO is an ancient Greek Goddess and was a daughter of the Healing God – Ascelpius whose five daughters all presided over the different stages of healing: HYGEIA – Health, PANACEA – remedies, ACESO – the healing process, AEGLE – the glow of health , EPIONE – mother of the daughters was the soother of Pain, and IASO personified the stage of recuperation and recovery from illness.

IASO personifies recovery from illness:  She asks and offers time, rest, good food, gentle exercise, sleep and support by using of  healing remedies, plants and ritual. Here we see her surrounded by the golden solar Calendula flower which is widely known for its numerous healing abilities. The Romans and the ancient Greeks used this  flower in their healing rituals and ceremonies…I AM RECOVERY 

“A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen” John O’ Donoghue

IASO among the CALENDULA flowers


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