The Fruits of HEGEMONE

HEGEMONE was one of the Greek Graces. She is a fecund Goddess sitting on fertile ground admiring the manifestation of her fruits. Her responsibility is to offer her divine energy to the plants of the earth which would then blossom and bear fruit. She is the harvest of Autumn who appreciates our gratitude for the bounty of Summer and also prepares us for the coming darkness of Winter.

Archetypally she represents the growth of our own fruitful abundance, representing the times when hard work, ideas and enthusiasm finally pays off and bears the fruit of positive manifestation. Such an act takes great patience as we hone the soil upon which we place our dreams, expectations and plans. “Im not me but living matter fermenting and forming its own shapes in the fruitfulness of every day.” Pablo Neruda

The Orchard by Mary Oliver

I have dreamed of accomplishment.
I have fed ambition.
I have traded nights of sleep
for a length of work.
Lo, and I have discovered
how soft bloom turns to green fruit
which turns to sweet fruit.

Lo, and I have discovered all winds blow cold
at last, and the leaves, so pretty, so many,
vanish in the great, black packet of time,
in the great, black packet of ambition,

and the ripeness of the apple is its downfall.


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Linda Hill
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