SULIS MINERVA a fusion of a Roman and Celtic Goddess who resides in the town of Bath which houses the only thermal springs in the UK. The Romans named this place Aquae Sulis and built an extensive spa temple on Her ground. They merged the ancient Goddess Sulis with Minerva their Roman Goddess of wisdom and justice. The name Sulis means ‘eye‘ describing an all-seeing Goddess offering wisdom and counsel with all matters of justice and possible punishment. Many ancient curse tablets have been found at the temple site dedicated to Her. Sulis Minerva is a powerful conduit of both fire and water, channeling solar energy down into the Earth for it to rise up again as the sacred FIRE WATER. She embodies both the power of a dark Earth Goddess and the light and strength of a Sun Goddess. The earth from which Her water flows is rich in Iron and rust in colour. Her healing powers still brings people to this day to her shrine, to receive Her  blessings and partake of her fiery waters. She is both Sun and Moon, Fire and Water……I AM A CONDUIT   
Alchemists of ancient times claimed that by achieving the perfect balance of fire and water it was possible to produce a chemical/spiritual reaction that was powerful enough to transform lead into gold.


The Waters of Bath….Bath exists because of the emergence of three natural springs in the heart of the city which deliver over 1 million litres of mineral-rich water every day. Uniquely in the UK, the mineral water is hot – it rises to the surface at a constant temperature of at least 45° C. The Sacred Spring lies at the very heart of the ancient monument.

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