BAUBO the Belly Goddess opens her skirt……

The ancient Greek belly goddess BAUBO speaks from ‘between her legs’. She plays an important part in the greatest mystery of the ancient world, the Eleusinian Mysteries. Her story begins when she encounters Demeter, the Earth Goddess, whilst walking in the wild valleys. Demeter was sodden with tears and ravaged with grief and despair at the abduction and loss of Persephone, her daughter. Baubo engaged this sad soul in conversation and very soon started to tell her obscene jokes accompanied by raucous belly laughs. Demeter was shocked but slowly started to smile at this surprisingly crude, playful and joyous old woman who had started to dance crazily pulling open her skirt. Baubo then directed, among other things, her belly, breasts and vulva towards Demeter. The mourning Goddess found herself suddenly overcome with a laughter that rose up from her belly. Her darkness fled from her, her spirit soared and her own power within moved her life journey onwards. The belly Goddess had shaken Demeter out of her grief by reminding her of the sacred feminine which sat at the centre of her being ….of which they both shared.

Baubo welcomes us back to life with her wild laughter, her shaking belly and the magic of her vulva . Her wisdom can bring us back from darkness by reminding us of who we are so we can thrive once again……I AM LIFE

The flowers in this print are CLITORIA a genus  named after the human clitoris, for the flowers bear a resemblance to the vulva.

BAUBO the Belly Goddess opens her skirt


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1 Response to BAUBO the Belly Goddess opens her skirt……

  1. rose cook says:

    Wow, wonderful energy…sheer woman goddess 😊 xx

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