RHEA and the mattress of Comfort

We all need comfort in these times, here is Rhea on the Mattress of Ease…..

She is an archetypal Mother Goddess, but her marriage to CRONUS (Saturn) was difficult as a  prophecy had told her husband that he would be overthrown by his son and so he devoured each of their children. When her last child was born Rhea fled to ‘the cave of sacred bees’  and left the child in the hands of the soul midwife Almatheia Capella. Once grown Zeus fought his father and freed his brothers and sisters.

RHEA’S name means “flow” and “ease” connecting her to the flow of menstrual blood, birth waters, milk, the tides and the lunar cycles. She was a Melissae and worked with the sacred bees and also known as ‘the Soother” . Her gifts of maternal comfort, ease and soul food was offered to all.

W all need to be held as a mother holds her child, this may be our own mother or a woman’s circle,  a therapist, trusting friendships and relationships. Deep within ourselves we can learn to connect to maternal love and to the abundant love of the Goddess. In all these places we can find a place of non-judgement, support, comfort and the unconditional love of a wide open heart that is prepared to walk alongside you ……I AM HELD

“Oh, mother earth, your comfort is great, your arms never withhold.” Mary Oliver

RHEA and the Mattress of EASE

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