PANACEA Goddess of Universal Remedy

PANACEA is the Greek Goddess of Universal Remedy who personifies a healing potion that will cure all difficulties, disease and problems. She holds the ‘Staff of Asclepius’ named after her father,God of Medicine; an ancient symbol still associated with medicine today. Panacea worked with him in the Asclepion temples where harmless snakes would roam the halls and dormitories. At night the snakes would visit those who wished to be ‘cured’ to whisper words of wisdom and healing into their ears. Snake venom was also used in the healing temples as in modern times where it is still used  in certain pharmaceuticals such as Ace-inhibitors.

PANACEA is always depicted with her serpent, they are both forces of transformation and renewal. Their alchemical elixir emanates from the collective unconscious and holds within it precious messages, dreams, meditations and the direction to listen to our instincts and intuition that can bring forth sudden insights and resolutions. The Goddess asks us to step back, listen quietly and allow her elixir to flow within us and flood us with solutions ….I AM THE CURE

Carl Jung writes in his book  Man and His Symbols: ‘The serpent is the universal quality of the animal as a symbol of transcendence. These creatures, figuratively coming from the depths of the ancient Earth Mother, are symbolic denizens of the collective unconscious. They bring into the field of consciousness a special underworld message.

PANACEA – Goddess of Universal Remedy

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