PHRIKE trembles beneath the falling tower……

PHRIKE is the personification of fear and horror. Her name means ‘trembling’ and is  used in the Greek tragedies where Phrike would instigate fearful emotions which were seen as a cleansing experience for the audience. The sensation of horror is derived from witnessing the dark shadow of the individual or collective psyche. There is no avoidance of Phrike for fear is vital for survival when we become endangered. Fear is an uncomfortable strong emotion creating  psychological and biological responses and is incredibly complex. How we respond varies from acute risk aversion to acute risk seeking…and may depend on our experiences and possible trauma in our lives.

(print)Phrike trembles beneath the horror of the metaphoric falling tower. At times in our human history wars, viruses and other acute threats occur. Humans then face fear and uncertainty as power structures, systems and maybe the Earth itself may dramatically change our personal and collective lives…..As Jung said “Our only certainty is that the new world will be different from what we are used to.”

The Tower is a symbol of danger, upheaval, sudden crisis, and powerful change. It metaphors a structure which has been built to protect us from the real truth. The falling of the tower depicts a powerful transition which if allowed will lead to transformative changes. The eventual  hard won ‘breakthrough’ will be of of some magnitude revealing many possibilities and new ways of looking at the structure of ourselves, our society and our Planet…..I AM FEAR

“She faces us with our greatest fear and by showing us the treasure hidden away within it, she takes us to a place where love is born. Love is the true antithesis of fear. It expands where fear constricts. It embraces where fear repels.’….Marion Woodman

PHRIKE trembles beneath the Falling Tower

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