The PHOENIX kneeling in the ashes…

The ancient Greeks wrote about a mythical bird called the PHOENIX, a magnificent creature associated with the sun and gold. Every 500 years, the Phoenix built a nest and set itself on fire from which a new Phoenix would arise from the ashes. This magnificent bird was one of Jung’s most powerful archetypes of rebirth and renewal, containing in its fire both creation and life and destruction and death. Many times in our lives we will reach a place where life as we know it ends and a new life stretches out before us. There may be loss and trauma involving situations we would not ordinarily choose. Our strength will be called upon as slowly a new way of being reveals itself. We turn and look at what has gone from our lives and what has now replaced it externally and internally. The phoenix symbolises human transformation  as we release ‘the old’ that does not serve us anymore.  I AM RENEWAL

‘No phoenix can rise from no ashes.” Marion Woodman

The PHOENIX Kneeling in the Ashes

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Linda Hill
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3 Responses to The PHOENIX kneeling in the ashes…

  1. Mosaic Girl says:

    So stunning Linda! I’ve been enjoying your work so much! Can you email me info re ordering prints please? ( Postage Australia) Wishing you safe & well, Jill

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