The Oblivion of the POPPY GODDESS

The Minoan Poppy Goddess is in a hypnotic trance induced by the juice that flows from the poppy, opium. Her headdress is adorned with poppy capsules. Opium was widely used in ancient times religiously, ecstatically and pharmacologically for sleep, pain-relief and the easing of death. In Homer’s Odyssey, Helen dopes wine with a drug “that took away painful memories and the bite of pain and anger.”

None of us are free from addiction. Certain behaviours and substances can become compulsive and rewarding, even though we know we are being self-destructive. Addictions offer oblivion thereby removing pain and reality and allowing us to avoid and deny what we are truly feeling. Ceasing our addictive habits can only become successful when we have fully worked out what we are denying by using avoidance and substitution .

It takes courage and strength to go forward. It takes help and love to make the changes and find meaning in our lives.

I AM ADDICTION …The Red Seeds  Oracle 3

“An addiction is anything we do to avoid hearing the messages that body and soul are trying to send us.” Marion Woodman

The Oblivion of the Poppy Goddess

The “Poppy Goddess,” ca. 1300-1250 BCE, approx. 31″ in height (79.5 cm). Terracotta, Archaeological Museum of Crete at Heraklion.

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