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The Lady , the Unicorn and the White stone……

This is a new alchemical dry-point print. Ever since visiting the Lady and the unicorn tapestries in Paris in the summer I have been pondering the mystery behind these beautiful images. I have placed the lady and the unicorn into … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene and Margaret Starbird…..

July 22nd is the day of Mary Magdalene SACRED UNION Celebrating the Archetypal Bride and Bridegroom  The Christian Gospels say nothing specific about the marital status of Jesus, but the Hebrew language had no word for “bachelor” in the first … Continue reading

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Morrigan- Nigredo …and D-day …70 years have passed.

This print pulled today  represents the Morrigan as Goddess of death , strife and rebirth. She also represents the alchemical blackness known as ‘the dark night of the soul”. The print marks the anniversary of D-Day on June 6th 1944 … Continue reading

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Hera and the Peacocks tail……

Hera was the wife of Zeus and is seen as the goddess of women and marriage. Hera is often shown with a pomegranate an emblem of fertile blood and death.  Hera was known for her jealous and vengeful nature against … Continue reading

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Beltane …The Sacred Marriage

Beltane – When  we celebrate  fertility, the sacred marriage, and the union of Heaven and Earth.  This print forms part of my recent re exploration of Alchemy. It depicts the Rosarium where the Great Work takes place. Within we can … Continue reading

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