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Beltane …The Sacred Marriage

Beltane – When  we celebrate  fertility, the sacred marriage, and the union of Heaven and Earth.  This print forms part of my recent re exploration of Alchemy. It depicts the Rosarium where the Great Work takes place. Within we can … Continue reading

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As above so below……Ovum Philosophicum

This Alchemical print  shows the Hermetic sealed egg within which ‘The Great Work’ takes place.  It is deep in the earth and the flowers of spring above are abundantly growing.  It is said that alchemists began their work in the … Continue reading

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Bain-Marie …Mary’s bath

The Alchemist I burned my life, that I might find A passion wholly of the mind, Thought divorced from eye and bone, Ecstasy come to breath alone. I broke my life, to seek relief From the flawed light of love … Continue reading

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A tree…

“Sometimes a tree can tell you more than can be read in a book.”  C.G.Jung

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