Red Seeds Oracle 1

The Red Seeds Oracle traces the myths of the Feminine through the ages. As modern women we can connect and align our experiences with the lineage of these ancient mythic women. Each of the 45 card offers a seed of awareness. Select a card to Nurture, Inspire and Empower you. Each card has a quote from RUMI for your contemplation                  and a GIFT and a CHALLENGE.

Front of box


Back of box

Sample card 1 – Front of cardSample card 1 – Back of card

You Tube Review By Imogen Walters ❤

You tube review by Kasia of tarot map ❤

You tube review in French by Claire de Lune ❤


The  Oracle has 45 cards…it is self-published and printed by Ivory Graphics

  • 146 mm height and 89 mm wide
  • The reverse talks of Her myth and how this may connect within our own lives
  • Every card has a Challenge and a Gift
  • Every card starts with a RUMI quote translated and permitted by Coleman Barks
  • COST:£25   + p and p ….. £30 UK / £35 Europe / £37 World Zone 1 / Australia New Zealand – World Zone 2 £38……..if you wish to have tracked and signed postage will be more
  • Email me @
  • All 45 cards in the oracle are from my original artworks . I make  limited editions runs of only 7-9 per print. Each is an original not a giclee copy.  Email for prices and further info.
  • Both oracles – 1 &  2 can be ordered together UK £58 / Europe £67 / World zone 1 £70/  World zone 2 £72
  • Each Oracle takes over 2 years to create and has reached 27 countries

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